Asked June 26, 2014, 8:21 PM EDT

Last fall I bought some super red night crawlers to enrich my daylily flower bed since the soil just didn't seem rich enough. This spring, I could barely move the top of the soil and there would be plenty of worms. I was very excited and my daylilies bloomed very well. After a rain and when my sprinkler goes off early in the morning, I see these things crawling on the walkway by my flower bed. At first, I thought they must be the red night crawlers, but they're not red. If they are worms, what type are they? I'm curious because I also have seen some land planariums which I understand eat earthworms as well as slugs and snail which seem to be everywhere also.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Harris County Texas

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Sorry but that is outside my area of expertise. I agree that they don't look exactly like worms but they also don't have the triangular head often seen on land planariums. Here is a web site with more info on land planariums:

What can I ask about this?

Sorry,"WHO" can I ask about this?

I don't think those worms are a threat to your plants or cause for concern. We don't have a specialist on worm of that type. I'm not sure who you might ask but it would be a biologist with that expertise.