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Asked June 26, 2014, 5:38 PM EDT

what is the best thing to do for red thread in my lawn?

Lancaster County Pennsylvania

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Red Thread is a fungal organism that causes patches of turf to turn brown and produce strands of red threadlike material. Red thread can be unsightly. In most cases, the grass will recover just fine when the temperature cools in the fall.
It is normal for lawns to get a mild dose of red thread when conditions are optimal. Red Threat is really a symptom of one or more of the following: improper watering, poor grass, poor soil or all of the above.
To help protect your lawn from Red Thread we recommend:

  1. Don't water more than every 3-4 days...only in the morning or early afternoon
  2. Clean off your mower in between mowing...bag clippings for awhile if Red Thread is severe
  3. Feed your lawn organically (so you don’t kill the good soil organisms that fight disease-causing fungi)
  4. Add resistant grasses (Super Seeding really helps)
  5. Minimize your thatch layer and improve your soil with Liquid Aeration
  6. Topdress with compost in the fall to add beneficial biology