Field horsetail infestation

Asked June 26, 2014, 11:37 AM EDT

Field horsetail was identified last year in our HOA gated community front entry gardens. It has quadrupled in size as it has spread. While doing alot of research on ways to eradicate it from the soil, it appears to be a hopeless task to rid this weed from our perennial garden.The Board of Directors wants a proposal from the Landscape Committee (I"m the chair) on options. Do you have anyone who knows about this plant and some solutions to removing it?
Thanks, Dori, The Lighthouse at the Breakers Chair, Landscape Comm.

Denver County Colorado

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Hi Dori,
Horsetail can be challenging to get rid of. Persistance will be key in order to erradicate the weed over time. Control methods include repeatedly mowing, pulling or by chemical means. Please see these links for more information: