Green Foxtail

Asked June 26, 2014, 10:09 AM EDT

George B has responded 3 times to my original question but my follow-up questions seem to get lost.
Since I have already sprayed the foxtail with Landmaster, so I don't know if I should apply the herbicide now or wait until more emerges. I also wouldsk the dead foxtail and I would like to know if I can disk the dead foxtail and plant grass or what sequence should I follow to replant the grass.
Thanks for your help.

Boulder County Colorado

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Since you already sprayed, there is no need to spray again until more green foxtail emerges. If you the field is irrigated, you could disk now or wait until another flush of foxtail emerges and then disk - it is an annual and tillage readily controls it - and then you could seed now although this is a tough time of year to get pasture grasses to establish just simply because of the heat ... even though this year has been a little more forgiving in this regard than other years. If the field is not irrigated, then wait to disk until later in July so you catch more green foxtail. Then do a dormant seeding this fall - where you would seed late enough (e.g. mid- to late-November) so the seeds do not germinate and emerge until next spring. Dormant seedings typically generate the best stands. You then could wait to use Paramount until next summer when your seeded grass has established to control green foxtail.I hope this is helpful - if you need more information, please feel free to contact me directly at