Tomato plants wrecked by hail, leaves gone. Will they survive?

Asked June 25, 2014, 2:30 PM EDT

Last night heavy rain and hail totaled my tomatoes. They are stripped bare of leaves. They are 24" and were very healthy. Will they regrow leaves and produce or do I need to replant new tomatoes?

Larimer County Colorado

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It will likely push new growth, but will delay flowering and fruiting. If you want tomatoes this year, I would suggest planting new ones. They are still in the garden centers. If the new ones are really tall, plant them deeply (the stems will form adventitious roots).

You can keep the others in the ground. Perhaps consider giving them a diluted rate of fertilizer. If not, pull them out and enjoy the new ones.

Thanks, Alison. I bought a number of them at Home Depot last night.