Death to Pigweed!!!!!!!

Asked June 25, 2014, 2:55 AM EDT

What can i use (and how to use it) that will kill pigweed and hopefully keep it from coming back, that won't harm my horses and dogs.
Please help!
Stuck in a sticker patch!

Montgomery County Texas

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Are we talking about a pasture forage system or a lawn turf situation. Pigweed is easily controlled with a broadleaf herbicide with a surfactant. 2,4-D or a product like PastureGuard will give good control. If you are talking about a San Augustine lawn, then use a broadleaf herbicide for southern lawns. Keep your pets off the grass till the herbicide is dry, and then they will be fine.

So if it is a pasture situation, how long do I need to leave horses off, until it is dry? Can I get this product at tractor supply? Thank you!

There are no grazing restrictions on the products I mentioned. The rain is the biggest concern. Try to get three to four hours before it rains after an application.