I have some locust trees with significant die back. Is there anything I can...

Asked June 24, 2014, 9:42 PM EDT

I have some locust trees with significant die back. Is there anything I can do to prevent further destruction if the tree? Treat for borers? Fertilize them? Also a couple of pines on the other side of the property with die back. Looks like borers. What products would u recommend?

Howard County Maryland

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It is possible that the locust trees were subject to locust leaf miner damage. This can be common every year and causes browning and leaf drop. No control is necessary. If possible, water the trees during dry periods. See our website for more information http://extension.umd.edu/learn/locust-leafminer-hg3

The browning on the pines may be due to several reasons. Could be due to cultural and environmental problems (planting too deeply, drought, poor soil conditions, etc.) When stressed by the above they can be subject to insect and disease problems. See our pine publication for information on symptoms and causes.
You can send us digital photos of the tree and the browning so we can see what you are dealing with.

As requested, I've attached pictures of the locust trees and the pine referenced in my question. Believe the locusts are suffering from something a little more severe than leaf miners. Pine is about 20 % damaged. Hope they can all be aged w/ treatment and fertilizing.

We cannot diagnose the actual cause from your photographs, but the locust trees are not going to recover, based on the lack of foliage, and the angle of the sun behind the pine tree renders the photograph unsuitable for diagnosis.
If these are valuable trees to your landscape, you should have a professional, certified arborist examine your trees.