When to cut down trees

Asked June 24, 2014, 10:50 AM EDT

We have three trees, probably less than 15' in height. The neighbor and I would like to remove them but they are active with birds right now: little yellow finches(?) and robins that appear to be juveniles, entering the trees with construction material, and perhaps other species. I don't want to disturb them before any babies have fledged. How can I tell it is not too early to have the trees removed without harming the birds?

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Some of the bird species that breed here, such as American goldfinches, will hatch and fledge 2 clutches' worth of offspring each year. That makes it a little difficult to give you a shorter-term date that would be safe for the tree removal. The safest bet would be to wait until August or even early September: By then most birds (adults and young) will be getting ready to move out in their annual migration.Thank you for considering the birds as you plan this tree removal!

Thank you very much. That makes sense and I'll follow your advice. Gail Boyle