Yakima Regional Clean Air Dairy program a Sham

Asked June 24, 2014, 1:27 AM EDT

How can a scientist say he is using his eyesite to measure hydrogen sulfide and ammonia above a dairy? Yakima Regional Clean Air Authority in Yakima County, Washington State say they are doing exactly that. . We say this is a cover up to pretend like the industry is actually doing something to address the dairy air pollution in Yakima County. EPA came in and tested the water near 5 dairies. They found 140 and 190 nitrates in the wells near dairies. 14 times and 19 times the level which is suppose to be safe to drink. YRCAA is trying to use junk science to measure air pollution from dairies. Why would any educated person believe their data measured with eyesite? It should not be touted as good, but shamed for being non credible. The photos are of the over 90 factory dairy farms in Yakima County, WA State

Yakima County Washington air quality management dairy production

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Greetings - the posted questions seems to be a statement of opinion with regard to the Yakima Regional Clean Air Dairy Program. If you have specific questions about the scientific basis for the program, you can view the power point located at http://www.yakimacleanair.org/agtaskforce.html.

How can an expert support a program that uses eyesight to montior and call it scientific?

How can an agency measure gases with their eyesight? Why is Yakima Regional Clean Air allowed to do this in scientific circles without anyone objecting?

Why is your agency supporting YRCAA when they are not using science to measure air pollution?