pruning the typical daphne

Asked June 23, 2014, 8:40 PM EDT

I have the normal daphne bush with the pleasant aroma. It has gotten quite broad in diameter with some openness in the center. It is blooming nicely but I would like to cut it back to see if it will grow more uniform in diameter. What's the best method of doing this?

Marion County Oregon

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Daphnes have an open growth habit. They are slow growing and need very little pruning. In fact they don't really like pruning. However, since you want more growth in the center, you may prune cautiously. Prune after blooming and limit the pruning cuts to this year's growth. It would be best to take the bush re-shaping in small steps over more than 1 year. Another option would be to direct attention away from the daphne bush to some other striking plant, like a perennial coreopsis which would be pruned to the ground in the fall. The daphne could bloom in splendor then be masked by the coreopsis during the summer/fall.
Just the same, I am including a link to the "Royal Horticultural Society" site for the daphne page.Yes this is a British site, but the information is valid for our region.
Have a great gardening year.