Allowed tratments for pink eye and pneumonia for organic beef cattle

Asked June 23, 2014, 1:11 PM EDT

What does the USDA allow to cure pink eye and pneumonia in organic beef cattle.

California beef cattle

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I could find no allowable medications on the national organic list that would be effective against either one of these diseases because both require antibiotics. Flunixin is on the list as a treatment for the fever component of respiratory disease, but that is all. Bacterial pneumonia and pinkeye both require antibiotics for effective treatment. This will necessitate removing treated animals from the organic herd. Regardless, animal welfare and organic standards require treatment of sick or injured animals even in organic herds. Vaccines exist that can help prevent both pinkeye and pneumonia in cattle and these are all allowable (and encouraged!) in organic herds--work with your veterinarian to determine which vaccines to use and when.