This is an 8 year old Yoshino cherry tree. It is 1 of about 12 that were...

Asked June 23, 2014, 12:38 PM EDT

This is an 8 year old Yoshino cherry tree. It is 1 of about 12 that were planted at the same time. Several of the cherry trees are starting to drop leaves to varying degrees. They have not been fertilized or treated in about 3 years (I used Bayer Tree and Shrub at the tree base). We seem to have had adequate rain this year. This happened last year, too, but I seem to remember it happened much later in the summer as we suspected it was from dry spells that occurred in August. Also, I did some amateur pruning on some of these trees, removing small branches that appeared dead or larger branches that were crossing over/rubbing other branches.

Frederick County Maryland

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This looks like cherry shot hole, a fungal disease on the cherry foliage. This has been common this season and we have been getting many reports. You may notice yellow leaves with reddish brown spots. The fungus overwinters on fallen leaves, and good control can be achieved by raking and removing all cherry leaves from the planting area. No chemical control is recommended.
We do not recommend spraying unless the pest or disease has been identified and you know what you are spraying for.