spruce tree replacement

Asked June 22, 2014, 12:50 PM EDT

I have 3 very large spruce trees that have needle drop. Once removed can new spruce be planted in the same space? If not, what might be good instead in mid-Michigan? Thanks.

Ingham County Michigan

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Dear InghamCo., MI, Thank you for contacting Extension with your natural resource questions. Let's see what we can do with your situation. In a simple answer, yes you can replant right over top of where and older tree has died, but you may not want to, or you may want to plant a different species. First think about the trees that are dying. How old are they? What type of spruce are they (Colorado/Norway/red)? What is their position in the yard (north/south/east/west of the house)? What is killing the trees? There in the Ingham Co./Lansing area, I'm sure someone from MSU Extension or its Forestry School (maybe a student) would love to either look at pics from the trees or visit your house. Once you determine if your large trees are not dying from a soil borne disease, go ahead and replant spruce. If it is a soil borne disease, I would go with another species. Think about this; we harvest trees all the time in the woods and directly replant within a year with no ill effect to the new trees. I hope this helps. Contact me directly if you have any more questions. Blessings. - Andy