home and body infested with very tiny white dots ? lice or mites.

Asked June 21, 2014, 6:25 PM EDT

I have had my spoilt cockatiel for just on 13 yrs. never ever had any trouble with mites or lice, now my home and my body, hair infested with very, very tiny white dots, I know they are white, as when I feel a bite I dab it with sticky tape and there it is, stuck on the tape. The bird and I keep scratching and while I am typing this I can feel them moving in my hair. I noticed this problem about 4 weeks ago. A neighbour, with a dog, moved in next door, the units are very close, about 6 to 7 weeks ago. Have had the unit sprayed twice in a week about 7 days ago, by pest control; have tried to de louse myself with all kinds of things, washed, and dried clothes on heat, in dryer.have sprayed my bird a few times, practically soaked him yesterday. I spray my bed before I get into bed at night and also after I get out of bed, I wash my hair with vinegar and water, rub tea tree oil on the inside of my shower cap and wear that to bed, so as I can have a good nights sleep. In all my nearly 90 years, a few months off it, I have never ever had any trouble with this kind of thing, and in my Doee's nearly 13 years neither has he, can some one please help me. Would fumigation help? I noticed last night, after the spray in the morning, he wasn't scratching as much, but it hasn't stopped. Thank you. Margaret I forgot to mention I am from Australia and am at my wits end, driving me mad,

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This sounds like lice. So, the controls are rather long but have to be followed so that you do not re-infest yourself. You will need to treat yourself and then wash bedding, and vacuum the area (throw out dust bag) to control these pests. There are treatments available for head lice. This usually takes two applications because you have to account for remaining eggs that you may have missed on the first application. Special flea combs (also nit combs) can help reduce the eggs in your hair as well by careful grooming during this process. Follow the instructions carefully. Seek medical attention to assist if this condition persists more than two weeks.


For your bird, there are cage hanging cartridges that give off an odor to drive away mites, lice and fleas. Check the packages closely so see if it is approved for use with your particular bird.

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