I have a garden about 10' long X 5' deep up against my metal shed. I want to...

Asked June 20, 2014, 7:54 PM EDT

I have a garden about 10' long X 5' deep up against my metal shed. I want to convert it from an annual to perennial garden. It faces west and sees shade/sun at varying times during the day. There's a composite lattice from ground up and curving over part of the shed roof to support a climbing rose. I had one there that never did very well. It died back to its root stock this winter. Here's a few ideas about what I'm looking for A) plants that flower all summer/early fall. B) lots of color C) Nice smelling flowers if possible D) I really don't want to lift bulbs/tubers but I will if needed to get the garden that I want E) Hummingbird friendly would be nice but not mandatory F) self-contained plants that won't spread and overgrow their companions G) not requiring special soil PH or preparation. I don't ask for much do I?? LOL Please give me your suggestions for: 1) perennial climbing flowering vines (or a suitable climbing rose) that won't take over my entire neighborhood like a trumpet vine. 2) perennial flowering plants that reach 3 to 3 1/2 ft tall for up against the shed wall. (don't need staking if possible) 3) flowering plants that would work well in front of the taller ones. 4) Anything else you suggest. I've tried very hard to plan this little garden myself but have become very frustrated. Annuals I know very well. Perennials very little. Thanks so much for your help. Linda

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I have received your question and will do more research on a flowering vine. Those can be tricky. But honeysuckle vines may work well for you in that situation if you want to study that option. Here are links that may also be of help. How many hours of sunlight does the base of the garden see?