We have 11 Crepe Myrtles that line our driveway which are fairly exposed to...

Asked June 20, 2014, 9:07 AM EDT

We have 11 Crepe Myrtles that line our driveway which are fairly exposed to the elements. Five of these Crepe Myrtles have absolutely no new growth and the remaining six have very little new growth. A Master Gardner friend told me that Crepe Myrtles had a very hard time surviving this past winter and many have died. At this point, if there is no new growth shall I give up on them? What should I do with the existing trunks? For the ones with little new growth, should I cut down the trunks with no new leaves? These Crepe Myrtles were about 4 years old and well established at about 12-15 feet tall for each one. Thanks in advance!

Howard County Maryland

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Cut out all dead wood to the ground or to a point right above the new growth. Existing trunks that are dead should be cut down. You could still get new growth from the ground into July, so do not totally give up now on the ones with no growth. You could get very many suckers coming from the ground. Remove all but up to about seven in such a way that the suckers are spaced as far apart as possible. Remove low off shoots from these suckers. Remove anything that is growing toward the center of the plant or that might eventually rub other stems or that would eventually be crowded.
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