For grazing fields, what to do with packed clay?

Asked June 19, 2014, 6:37 PM EDT

I know that using a subsoiler will help aerate clay areas of a field, but are there any other things that I can do to help it turn into better topsoil? I'm in Lee county, and the fields are on a gentle slope. I only have 10 acres. I feel like any fertilizer I put on it runs off in the rains that have been pretty substantial at any one time lately around Giddings.
Perhaps just aerating it every 2 or 3 years will help? I have cattle on it so I plan on doing a few acres at a time while hot-wiring it off for a few weeks in the early spring.

Lee County Texas

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If you have compaction, a Paratill plow is the only effective option. A light disking can help in retaining some of that rainfall. I would only recommend a light disking in the fall, if you plan on over seeding with a cool season forage. Or in January/February when the bermudagrass is dormant and we tend to have higher chances for rainfall. Do keep in mind though that every time we disturb the soil we can promote germination of unwanted weed seeds. So be prepared for weed control!