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Asked June 18, 2014, 1:51 PM EDT


My infant gets a bump about the size of the soft tip of your finger on his head that goes away when in the sitting position. We had it checked when he was 2 months old and were told it was probably a cephalohematoma and would go away. It has not gone away and in fact I feel that it possibly is slightly bigger. Not sure if that's because our little guy is getting bigger. Because the bump seems to be a liquid and goes away when sitting, I try not to worry so much. The bump is located on the left side of his head, not in the front fontonelle. It almost seems like his skull might have a small hole in it where fluid is escaping. I am not asking this for a diagnosis but I am wondering if anyone has ever seen anything like this on other infants? Any feedback would be appreciated.

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Santa Fe County New Mexico

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Please excuse the delay in attempting to find an answer to your question. However, the general consensus of those the question has been sent to is that your question is one that your pediatrician should answer. Your child's development is to important.

If you have problems talking to your pediatrician check out some of the health literacy materials that are available online Kids Health is always a good up-to-date resource http://kidshealth.org/parent/general/sick/talk_doctor.html