Used Weed-B-Gone instead of Roundup

Asked June 18, 2014, 1:24 PM EDT

A neighbor was spraying her yard and had some chemical left. I thought it was Roundup because that's what I use. I sprayed around my blueberries (this was a month or two ago). Now I've discovered it was Weed-B-Gone, and I'm wondering if I can eat the fruit this year...or ever again.

Lane County Oregon

1 Response

Don't eat the berries this year. I would fertilize the berries in an effort to make them MORE healthy.

Time will tell if the Weed B Gone will kill the blueberries. The herbicide may be tied up in the mulch, if you have mulch.

Next year just watch the growth of the berries to see if there is any residual chemical, but there shouldn't be.