I live in Duluth. I have raised garden boxes. I have planted sugar snap peas...

Asked June 18, 2014, 9:22 AM EDT

I live in Duluth. I have raised garden boxes. I have planted sugar snap peas twice this year. Some of the first round started to come (seedlings) and then I noticed that there were finger size holes in the ground where I'd planted the seeds (where the seedlings hadn't come up yet). Then I started seeing seedlings disappear. When I planted the second round of sugar snaps I put deer netting over the box and nailed it down so that chipmunks/squirrels wouldn't be able to get into the box. Yesterday at 4:00 I was admiring the seedlings and making sure that the netting was in tact. Everything was great. I went back out at 7:00 and there were holes where the seedlings hadn't come up and some of the seedlings were chewed and some missing. There are no tracks, no bugs or other signs of an intruder. Please help!!!

St. Louis County Minnesota

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Several kinds of soil dwelling pests are capable of damaging germinating seeds and seedlings. These include millipedes, cutworms, root maggots, wire worms and seed corn maggots.

Unfortunately we need to know what's causing the damage before we can recommend ways to control it.

Go to the following websites to learn about wireworms and seed corn maggots:

Seed Corn Maggot Injury