first time watermelon grower

Asked June 18, 2014, 8:39 AM EDT

1. At what stage in the watermelon growing process should I thin out my sprouts? Also, what is the ideal way to do that? 2. What is the best way to keep grass from growing in between sprouts? 3. Is there any general advice I need to know for maximum output? Kind Regards, Chris Davis

Waller County Texas

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I would then them once they have 3 leaves on the plant. Most people leave 2 plants per hill, but if you want big melons - you will probably select only one vine per hill.

Grass is normally allowed to grow around melons to help with preventing sun scald. (esp. on Black diamonds). Melon plant foliage is also used for this purpose. I am not aware of any chemical control that would kill grass and not effect the melon plant.

Melons are heavy feeders so keep fertility high. Use mulches if needed to control loss of water. Hot, sunny days are best for making sweet melons. Additional rainfall or cloudy days can make for big, not so sweet melons.

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Hope this helps. cd