Cafeteria food waste: feeding some to pigs and composting the rest

Asked June 17, 2014, 11:48 PM EDT

I am a teacher and next year my school is planning on separating out our food waste from the trash in our cafeteria. We then will be taking some of that food waste to feed some pigs that another teacher will be raising at his farm (he has experience raising cows). We plan on composting the rest. We are wondering if there are some regulations in the State of Oregon about what we can do with pigs that are fed slop. I assume they are okay for home consumption, but what if we wanted to do a school-wide pig roast at the end of year? Could we sell the meat of the pig? If the pizza has pork sausage on it, should we not feed that to the pigs? Also, we would like to compost, so do you have suggestions for keeping vermin out? We are going to be researching different composters to see which one would work on a large scale, but any advice about pest control would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Washington County Oregon

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Garbage feeding was banned in Oregon a few years ago. Here is the link to the state statute:

It is not clear to me in the regulations as to the consumption side of the regulations but most people who feed wastes restrict the use of the pork to home use.