bird mites?

Asked June 17, 2014, 8:42 AM EDT

hi. i just read the question and answer about bird mites on this site. we too have just determined we have a bird mite infestation in our home. we live in a wooded area and after wood peckers made huge holes in our wood siding starlings and sparrows have made many nests inside the holes into the insulation. we also have mites that are tiny black looking bugs. they can easily be mistaken for a tiny freckle on the skin. if bird mites are red or brown to yellowish….what would these be if not bird mites? we have them all over the window sill near where the bird nests are in the siding and now they are spreading all over our house. what is your advice for removal from the house? rugs? furniture? clothing and dogs living in the home? the siding, insulation and nests are all being removed to day and i would like the best advice on how to treat everything they have come in contact with. thank you.

Centre County Pennsylvania

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Thank you for your question. We are located in Athens, Georgia. I am sending you the link to your local extension office. If it is possible, I suggest you collect some of the "mites" on clear tape and take them to your extension office for identification. They will then be able to make recommendations for removing them from your house. Van Gorder -Athens Master Gardener