My potato plants are dying right at ground level. Help!

Asked June 16, 2014, 10:08 AM EDT

My potato plants are dying right at ground level. They looked good and now they look like something is rotting them off right at ground level. Right now only about 3 plants in a row are affected, but I fear it is going to get worse. Could it possibly be a cut worm or some type of insect, and if so what should I put on them to help. I started dusting the bottom of the plants with eight bug insecticide. HELP Thank you, Bob Hawks

Sac County Iowa

2 Responses

A fungal stem rot may have attacked the dying potatoes. Dig up and remove the dying plants from the garden. Fungicides are not effective in controlling stem rots. Next, spring, buy certified, disease-free potatoes and plant in a different location in the garden.

Thank you for your help. This year the potatoes are in a different spot than last year and they were Yukon Gold's purchased at a Bomgaars' store. I would assume that they would be certified. Thanks again.