Giant Hog weed

Asked June 16, 2014, 9:19 AM EDT

Is this the plant in question? Not sure what it is, it grows about a foot per week.

Jackson County Michigan

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The leaves on this plant look more like the Giant Hogweed than the pictures of the plant from my client in Ottawa county yesterday. That one was determined to be Poison Hemlock. Do you have this plant? Is it in bloom? How tall is it. Was it planted or did it come up by itself? If you let it grow, beware. Read up on it to determine if it is indeed the Giant Hogweed. Hope this was helpful.

Yes we have this plant in our yard back by a garage. It is about 6 ft tall no blooms yet. It came up by itself. Do we need someone to come and take it out? Does our county extension office want to know? thanks, JZ

I would definitely contact your local extension office. Send them pictures, ask them if they are keeping record of this invasive weed, and how to get rid of it. I believe. If this is indeed the Giant Hogweed, I would not attempt to remove it yourself, unless you have specific instructions on how to do this. I know it can cause some very uncomfortable blisters on your skin, which is activated by sunlight. Bob Bricault is the horticulturist for Jackson County. This is his email address: .
You could also check out to see if they would like you to send in pictures to them for a positive ID.
Please keep me posted as to the outcome. Thanks, Ruth.