leaf identification

Asked June 15, 2014, 2:20 PM EDT

i am trying to identify a tree i encountered one one of my nature walks...by leaf...i hope you can help. the leaves are very similar to american or slippery elm, but the top of these leaves are about 25% covered with hollow- soft-fleshy growths that sort of resembles very large rice crispies...on small stems. it is mid-june here in n.e.penna. and these growths are creme/rose in color, some as big as 1/2 in. is it an elm with some type of malady or something else? please help

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Without a picture, it is difficult to diagnose. However, from your description, I would guess that you are describing leaf galls caused by aphids.
To get a diagnosis from a land grant college (e.g. Penn State) you can take a sample (enclosed in a sealed plastic bag) to your local County Extension Office which will then be sent for diagnosis.