Hummingbird Feeder

Asked June 15, 2014, 1:28 PM EDT

Where is the best place to put a hummingbird feeder?

Lane County Oregon

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Hummilngbird feeder need to be suspended where they are not very accessible to cats, squirrels etc. They seem to prefer sunny locations, but partial shade is also OK. As you know, you do not color the water with red dye. The feeder's red should be an adequate clue. Watch out for bees and wasps. If they start using the feeder you need to put a bee excluder cap on it. If you plant hummingbird shrubs or have fuchsias, it will really increase the draw for them. Change the syrup before it ferments or gets moldy and clean the feeder well each time. Cane sugar is preferred and never honey. Sorry if that is more than you wanted as an answer, but I am a real hummingbird lover.