Chokecherry tree wind damage

Asked June 15, 2014, 1:25 PM EDT

I live in Park City and have two chokecherries, growing like shrubs. After a very windy day, a major branch was significantly bent but not broken. The top was pointing 90 degrees from vertical. A medium and small branch also did this. I have tied the large and medium bent ones to the largest branch, which is vertical. Is this the correct thing to do or should I just cut off the bent ones? Is the straight branch I tied them to at risk of damage? I have lived here three years and this hasn't happened before. The chokecherries are probably 14 years old. Thank you.

Summit County Utah

1 Response

That is exactly the right thing to do if you want to save the bent branches. Don't use string though. Use masking tape -- as many turns as it takes. The string will cut into the tissue and may last too long. Masking tape will rot away in the sun. You also could cut off the bent branches. It will probably happen again.