What's wrong with our peach tree?

Asked June 15, 2014, 10:39 AM EDT

It was thriving, put out great peaches two yrs ago,
buds got frosted last year so no fruit. This year it only has leaves on about one fourth of the tree. They look healthy.
It had black scab which I cut off last year. We had a very long winter [as you know]. But what can be the matter??
thank you, Susan

Van Buren County Michigan peaches peach trees

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My guess is the winter cold damaged the tree. The other likely explanation is borers.http://cherries.msu.edu/uploads/files/PDFs/Insects/Borers.pdf There are three borers that attack peaches. American Plum Borerhttp://cherries.msu.edu/uploads/files/PDFs/Insects/AmericanPlumBorer.pdf Lesser Peach Tree Borerhttp://cherries.msu.edu/uploads/files/PDFs/Insects/LesserPeachtreeBorer.pdfPeach Tree Borerhttp://cherries.msu.edu/uploads/files/PDFs/Insects/PeachtreeBorer.pdfIf the trunk was damaged by winter cold you would see gumming but you would also see gumming from borers