Bird Mites?

Asked June 14, 2014, 10:22 PM EDT

I have a sever itch all over my body mainly at night, I couldn't identify it to being bed bugs, but I do have birds nests right outside my bedroom window, I have a large rash on my thighs and my buttocks I believe it to be bird mites, I was just wondering if you could tell me what you thought also what I could do to fix the issue, I live in an apartment so fumigating is not an option I spray my bed with rubbing alcohol and white vinegar I also have mothballs around my house and have dryer sheets under my mattress I take showers twice daily to releive the itch and also have put borax on my bed and vaccumed it up, I have no washer and dryer in my apartment so I'm unable to constantly do laundry but I do keep my clothes in plastic bags with moth balls, I have also sprayed pesticides (Lice and Bedbug killer) not sure what else could help, Thanks.

Madison County Indiana

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Have you seen these bug? Mites look like black or red pepper flakes the size of a dot or period at the end of this sentence. Lice are about the size of small rice. Very Small. You will need to rule out common contact dermatitis, so I suggest a visit to your doctor. Poison ivy and oak, along with soaps and other irritants can cause rashes.

Keeping birds and rodents away from your house will help prevent mite infestation. See:

for more information. Contact an exterminator for more potent sprays and controls.