How to Stop Bradford Pear Seedlings

Asked June 14, 2014, 3:29 PM EDT

Our neighborhood association requires us to have two Bradford Pear trees planted in front of each house. Granted, they look nice for about two weeks each spring when they bloom. But the resulting "pears" are a nuisance. In particular, I end up with zillions (well, it seems like zillions when I try to pull them all out) of small new pear trees sprouting throughout my yard and flower gardens the next spring. Is there any method to keep the flowers from setting fruit (or otherwise stopping the sprouts without injuring grass and flowers)? Thanks for any suggestions. - Tim

Centre County Pennsylvania master gardener program horticulture

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The following publication from DCNR offers much information about the invasive Bradford Pear:

Additional information from the Missouri Department of Conservation:

We have found no method to control the formation of seeds or seedlings from Bradford Pears other than removing them by hand.