nectarine tree produces fruit which oozes clear jelly

Asked June 14, 2014, 9:02 AM EDT

My nectarine tree produces red skin white flesh fruit and is an excellent fruit producer. As the fruit reaches 1 inch size it ruptures on the tip opposite the stem and clear jelly oozes out of it and stops growing , I picked these affected fruits off but gradually the rest of the crop gets affected and the entire crop is lost. The tree is healthy and grows at normal rate. I am located on the north bank of the Columbia River west of Longview

Cowlitz County Washington

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Wish I had a picture to see what you are describing. Sounds like of like cherry cracking due to too much water or shothole which you can see here:

Send a picture along and maybe we can make some progress on this one.

Japanese Fruit Moth affects stone fruit and destroys crop not affecting the tree.
Sunflowers should be planted near the tree because parasites growing on the sunflowers kill JFM.

Simple, need to check with UC DAvis school of agriculture extension service. Will spray every 6 days as suggested.