Feeding swine pumpkin and pumpkin seed

Asked June 13, 2014, 2:16 PM EDT

I remember finding a study on-line from OSU (I think) about the benefits and nutrition % of feeding pumpkin and pumpkin seed. Can you help me find that study again? I have access to ground pumpkin seed and am looking at volumes to feed. Thank you very much. Kit

Linn County Oregon

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I am not aware of an OSU animal science department study on pumpkins fed to livestock. I worked with a colleague in the late 1970's on feeding vegetable waste products to cattle but we did not feed pumpkins.

I may have nutritional data from that study as we did an analysis of about 50 different processing wastes like beans, carrots etc.

Pumpkins are mostly water so the nutrients are contained in a small amount of dry matter. I cannot recall the dry matter content of the seeds.

In order to be more precise in a recommendation I would need to know the type of livestock to be fed.