Cedars turning brown and dropping needles

Asked June 12, 2014, 7:58 PM EDT

We have two cedar trees in our backyard which have been turning brown and dropping lots of needles and small branches. Another cedar three houses away seems to be doing the same. I see online that cedars are sensitive to drought and I have been watering them every day for the past month, but don't know if I can overdo that and if our lack of rain is the likely cause.

Lane County Oregon

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those are incense cedars.... the Eugene area is at the northernmost region of these trees, so any issues with the species will show-up in these areas. Incense are sort of a finicky tree. You see lots of "flagging" (intermittent dead tips and branches) on these trees. It is a stress indicator. Cedar of all species have issues with soil disturbance.....but not sure what's going-on in your area. It looks worse than it is from a biological perspective. And there is pretty much nothing you can do other than a wait-and-see attitude. As far as watering, if you're going to water, do a heavy application (very slow running hose all night)> Don't do the shallow, daily watering. There can be instances where that does more damage than good(shallow watering only feeds the grass and shrubs.. So that's about all I know..............