Blackbirds are taking over our pool.

Asked June 12, 2014, 3:55 PM EDT

Blackbirds are taking over our pool. We have tried pool noodles on the surface, hoses (snakes), rubber lizards, a garden owl, streamers, etc. to no avail. There is poop everywhere, which is getting hard to keep up with. They are loud and fly low whenever we are in the pool.

Johnson County Iowa

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Have you tried broadcasting a hawk call to make the birds feel as if it is dangerous to be near the pool? Does this happen at all times of day or only at some times (e.g., early in the evening, etc.)? I think that to be helpful to you it would be best if you contact me by phone (515) 294-7429 or email directly and fill me in on the details.

Thanks for your question!