What is the best thing to kill buttercup in our mini horse pasture?

Asked June 12, 2014, 10:02 AM EDT

What is the best thing to kill buttercup in our mini horse pasture?

St. Clair County Illinois

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Thank you for your question to eXtension. I found a lot of information in this publication housed at Ohio State: http://agcrops.osu.edu/specialists/weeds/specialist-links/2010%20Weed%20Control%20Guide.pdf

You didn't mention what you are trying to grow in the pasture. The following information assumes this is a grass pasture, without any legumes or other broadleaves planted in it (all of the following products will damage any broadleaf plant it comes in contact with):

Cimarron Max
Glyphosate (non-selective, will kill all plants it is applied to)
Remedy Ultra

You can read some specific comments about each of these products, starting on page 145 of the above publication. Be sure to read and follow all label directions.

One of my colleagues sent me the following comments for me to include with this information:
" A
ll of the herbicides will have a grazing restriction, so the person will need to read the label to find out how long they need to wait before they graze again. Some of the reasons for the restrictions include: allowing the chemical to do its job before the animal eats it—most people are upset when an herbicide does not work and if you graze too soon after application they may not get adequate weed control. Also, what goes in will come out -this includes herbicides and they can still be active after going through an animal so if that horse goes to the bathroom on some desired plant it could die from herbicide damage---long story short follow grazing directions! These herbicides should not be harmful to the horse as long as grazing restrictions are followed. "
Again, I emphasize: read all label directions before buying or using any of theses products.

If you have a mixture of grass and legumes in your pasture, there are other chapters in the above publication that will provide the information you are looking for.