Hi I have looked at tens of images of veronica and speedwell which in all...

Asked June 11, 2014, 3:04 PM EDT

Hi I have looked at tens of images of veronica and speedwell which in all cases has a growth from the stem commonly called a "leaf" of one shape or another. The unknown weed I sent an image of has no leaf anywhere on the plant, just slender needles similar to 1/4" scotch pine needles only soft and pliable. The image is a full grown plant, not immature or young, not in clumps but cover an entire acre of ground only interspersed with ant hills. The image was taken at 1/2" from the plant/roots which I uprooted. When mowed, it has a slightly obnoxious musty smell similar to a stinkbug, only not as strong as mint when mowed. High summer heat tends to dry it out, but as present wx is still green. I am sending a quad image this round. Thank you. I have googled "weeds in MD" images, and have not seen this plant after looking at hundreds of images. It has no vertical spikes, shoots, and dont remember any flowers anytime of year. It grows like bio-steel wool in a mat like growth. I dont know any other description of what it is or what it is not. Thank you again for another try....

Calvert County Maryland

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Thank you for all that information, which is very helpful.
We are thinking that perhaps this is Knawel (Scleranthus annuus) which seems to match your description and growth habits, described as low,spreading, wiry and matted, with sharp pointed narrow leaves with active growth March through October.
If after researching this just doesn't seem to quite match, a good resource to try is the Virginia Tech Weed I.D. Guide. Here is their page on Knawel: http://oak.ppws.vt.edu/scott/weed_id/scran.htm