I have a 10-12' yoshino cherry tree (puchased one year ago when it was...

Asked June 11, 2014, 10:20 AM EDT

I have a 10-12' yoshino cherry tree (puchased one year ago when it was 2" diameter). Beautiful healthy until last Sunday, when a 6-7" bark split appeared overnight. Tree is mulched (not up against the bark), watered properly, has full sun. No fertilizer, no soil problems. Split bark faces the SE. Nursery suspects a frost crack. Makes sense. Today (three days later), we see what may be the beginning of new splits (see photos - oops, able to upload one only; I have others). Q: what can we do to help our wonderful tree? Our warranty for the tree ends next March. If prognosis is poor, then when we do replant the replacement. Thank you very much

Montgomery County Maryland

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This looks like a frost crack on the trunk. We have never seen a crack quite that bad. At this point we would recommend replacement. It would be okay to plant now. You will have to keep the tree well watered throughout the growing season until the ground freezes. See our website for planting information http://extension.umd.edu/hgic/trees-and-shrubs/selection-purchasing-planting-and-care