Name This Plant

Asked June 11, 2014, 8:53 AM EDT

I bought some Red Hot Poker seeds back in February. The package was clearly marked Red Hot Poker and had a picture on the front. I brought them home, nursed them inside for a couple months and planted them in the ground. Now 3 months later I have this big non-Red Hot Poker plant and I can't figure out what it is. The leaves are trident in shape and have a bristle-velvet texture. Reminds me of a sunflower but the leaves throw me off. It stands 4 feet tall and green! Looks like there might be a bud of some kind about to bloom. Any incite would be greatly appreciated.

Tarrant County Texas

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Boy howdy, you have us all stumped too. It could be anything from a different part of the countyry even. Where were the seeds packaged at?
If the bloom comes out youmight send a picture of it and see if that will help us some?Wish I had better info for you.

Just bloomed a bright red flower yesterday morning.
looks like about 8-10 more buds on the way.
I purchased a pack of seeds from a Calloway's nursery in Fort Worth, TX.

Looks like a nice plant with a great blosoom. I looked through every book I have and cant find it! Wish i could give you something to work with?