Would a deer feeder that only fed deer instead of feral hogs help?

Asked June 10, 2014, 7:18 PM EDT

I saw this deer feeder online and it claims that it only feeds deer and no other animals. I've never seen one like it, it looks like it works. I'll be using it this season! Do you think that would help the feral hog problem? The link to the video is here. http://youtu.be/bWqgZcxHujU

Brazos County Texas

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Interesting concept for a feeder. As it relates to feral hogs, the pigs are first attracted to the food source on the ground and it doesn't matter how it gets there. Once the pigs find it they will continue to visit the site provided food remains available. This design appears to significantly limit the amount of residual feed on the ground. No feed on ground should translate into no pigs regularly visiting the site. Resident deer must learn to "nudge" the feeder to get whatever is inside. As far as helping with the feral hog problem, I see this feeder potentially attracting much fewer hogs.