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Asked June 10, 2014, 1:38 PM EDT

im a grandma in the state of pa. my grandson is 6 months old in state custody in florida. im going through the process of becoming a formal kinship caregiver and im wondering if there is any type of subsidy for his care? both of his parents are in jail in florida. please help answer my question. I have been trying to find a website but nothing is very clear. thank you Karen in pa.

Mercer County Pennsylvania family caregiving

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Dear Karen,
Thanks for your question. In Mercer County, PA, there is a "Grandparents Second Time Around" program run by the Minority Health/Shaw Regional Health System. See: I found this resource on the PA Kinship Navigator site (hosted by Penn State Extension), which is where you can find additional information on other groups and resources (go to:
An important question comes up when considering your questions: What state are you going through to be the formal kinship caregiver? This has a bearing on resources and assistance that you might be able to access. If you are going through Florida, I recommend contacting “The Children’s Home” since they can help you navigate the state's kinship navigator system and find a skilled case worker to provide advice and guidance. I recommend contacting Larry Cooper (who is Project Director of their Kinship Services Network) to find out more; phone: (813) 901-3423, e-mail: Some other comments: Your baby might be eligible for WIC for formula, etc. Also, depending on your age, you might be eligible for your area’s caregiver program. You can find out by contacting your local Office on Aging. The availability of some other resources will depend on who has custody of the child. I hope this helps. Best regards, and good luck. Sincerely, Matt Kaplan (Penn State University).