Poisoning of bees

Asked June 10, 2014, 12:53 PM EDT

Do Bonnie Plants have poison on or in them to kill bees? That is specific to Bonnie Plants. Please answer and stop being evasive! It is not the job of the extension agent to answer for Bonnie Plants!

Franklin County Ohio

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Hello Gardener,
Thank you for contacting Bonnie Plants gardening information agents. I'm a Master Gardener ready to answer your gardening questions. For information regarding operational, or sales and distribution, please contact the customer service office through this link -
http://bonnieplants.com/ . Click the black "support" tab on the right to send them an email. I'm certain they'll be happy to help you.
Wishing you success with all your garden projects this year.

Dawn C,
You answer is none responsive. The question is about Bonnie Plants and if I don't get a response soon, I will place your none responsive answers (plural) on Facebook. One more time, does your company use any chemicals or other agents on the plants you sell that harm bees? The information on FB already is that both Lowes and Home Depot do. Your plants are sold through these stores. I want to buy plants but will not buy ones that harm bees in any way.

Dear Gardener,

Dawn and I answer gardening questions for Bonnie Plants. We do not have access to that type of information. If you'll follow the directions in the previous response they will be happy to answer your question.