Tomato disease

Asked June 9, 2014, 2:22 PM EDT

This tomato plant has brown spots on leaves. Leaves wilt. The base of the stem is rotting. Brown streaking on the stems. When I look at the leaves under the microscope there seems to be fungal growth, stems with black balls on top. This plant was purchased 3 weeks ago at our MG plant sale. It was planted about a week later. Neighboring plant is starting to show similar symptoms.

Coos County Oregon

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Thanks for your tomato question and picture. In reading the description of your problem, it appeared that it could well be common mosaic of tomato .
The tomato may well have had the problem when purchased as it seemed to quickly deteriorate. However, this disease may be carried from potatoes or tomatoes that are growing or in the vacinity from a previous season. The obvious solution is to pull any that are showing these symptoms immediately. It is also good practice not to let volunteers come up in your garden or compost as they may well be harboring the disease. You would probably be safe to replant, but choose a different location in your garden if you do.

The plant clinic is a good place in Myrtle Point is a good place to take your specimens for a 'live' look into your problem as well. Call 541--572-5263 to find out the office hours for the plant clinics there.

Good luck in growing more tomatoes this summer.