Canning nectarines/ peaches

Asked June 6, 2014, 2:02 PM EDT

Can you substitute nectarines for peaches in canning recepies if the option isn't given as a specific variation? There are some recepies that give a variation when canning nectarines, such as canning halves. But can I also make pie filling safely??


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The USDA Guide to Home Canning ( recipe for peach pie filling was not tested with nectarines, but since peaches vary a lot across varieties, I think they should be interchangeable. HOWEVER, for the pie filling, the nectarines should be peeled as called for since I do not know the effect of including a peel now into the procedure and process. This is not just slices in a thin syrup, but a mixture that thickens during processing and heats differently than just canned nectarine pieces. And nectarines are not that easy to peel, but if she/he can get peeled slices, then they could be substituted in the peach pie filling. I would try a peeler on firm nectarines before dipping them in hot water! (That's how I do my peaches myself anyway.)
Source: Elizabeth Andress, National Center for Home Food Preservation, UGA.