Are these foundation plants dead?

Asked June 6, 2014, 11:41 AM EDT

Are the foundation plants dead or can they be trimmed back and will revive? This winter 3/4 of our 17 year-old YEW bushes turned rust/brown. There is new growth coming along the bottom. they are planted on the North and East side of the house. We have never covered or protected these bushes. We have a couple yews that are fine. What happened and how to prevent this from occurring next winter?

Carver County Minnesota

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Many, many evergreens are showing winter burn this year. If there is some green the branch may recover. The junipers are not dead, but they may have died back significantly. Watering until the ground freezes helps and so does wrapping the shrubs with burlap. It is not very attractive but does protect from sun scald. Yews prefer shadier locations and yours are next to a light colored house so they are getting sun and reflected sun.