Keeping birds away from windows

Asked June 6, 2014, 9:18 AM EDT

We have a large south facing tinted window in the family room that seems to attract cowbirds. They sit on the window edge and peck at the window incessantly. We have put up decals and shiny streamers to keep them away with no result. This has been going on since early spring. Any advice?

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No doubt this can be annoying. The birds are reacting to their own reflection thinking they are seeing a rival. In other words they are looking into am mirror. Can you use a material that will block their reflection. Perhaps simply paper taped to the outside of the window. I'm suggesting that you try this just long enough for them to change their behavior. Hopefully after a week or two you can remove the paper (or shade cloth, cardboard, any material will work). Lastly, do you anything nearby that might be an attractant e.g. bird feeder, bird bath, if so, perhaps moving the attractant might tend to not concentrate the birds near your windows.