how to grow kiwi?

Asked June 4, 2014, 10:13 PM EDT

I have two Oregon hardy kiwi plants, one male and one female. The plants have been in the ground for six years. The vines of all the previous years are trained on wires. The only flowers I have seen were on the male plant last summer. No fruit in all these years. What else do I need to do? Thank you for your time. Jody

Benton County Oregon

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The flower buds of hardy kiwi can be adversely affected by cold temperatures in spring so that may be why you aren't seeing any flowers and fruit. It could be that the plants may benefit from additional protection in the spring when the new growth is more susceptible to cold damage.

For more information on kiwi see this OSU Extension publication on Growing Kiwifruit-it includes the Hardy Kiwi.

Good Luck!