Honey bees/mosquitos

Asked June 4, 2014, 6:19 PM EDT

A couple of years ago we moved to Neotsu (near Lincoln City). We live about 4 city blocks from Devil's Lake. I rarely see a mosquito and haven't ever seen a honey bee even though we are surrounded by flowers and black berries. I'm not sure if I've seen a yellow jacket wasp either. Moving from the Willamette Valley these were all too common. Do these creatures not survive on the Oregon coast?

Lincoln County Oregon

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Yes, honey bees survive on the Oregon Coast. In fact, there are many beekeepers in the area that successfully keep honey bee colonies.

You may consider planting flowers that attract honey bees. Check with your local Master Gardener group for a list of the best flowers for your area.

If you are interested in keeping a colony of bees in your yard, a great resource to help get you started is the Tillamook County Beekeepers Association. Their contact information is listed in the Oregon State Beekeepers Association website: www.orsba.org .

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