Deer Flies

Asked June 4, 2014, 2:29 PM EDT

I live in Mississippi, and when I ride after work (6-8 pm) we are constantly fighting flies 5 to 10 at a time like dive bombers. It is impossible to ride with the horse constantly fighting flies. Is there a time of day when it is best to ride when these flies are asleep or do you know of any kind of repellent that is affective against them.


Hinds County Mississippi

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Although I am not familiar with flies in Missisippi in particular, i would assume it would be similar to what we see here in Indiana. It does seem to be an especially bad season for flies. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend any particular fly repellent. They all are pretty similar, and have limited effectivness, especially once the horse has started working and getting sweaty. You may want to consider some other approaches:
1) riding in the morning, possibly before work. It is typically cooler then, and the flies are less active.
2) explore 'fly wear' for your horse while riding. Depending on where the flies are attacking, there are nose nets and other equipment that can help deter the flies.
If there are areas where you can ride with less tree cover, shrubbery, brush, tall grass, etc., those areas will also have fewer flies than places with more ground cover.
Good luck.