flower color change of hydrangea

Asked June 3, 2014, 6:11 PM EDT

I got a potted bluish/purplish hydrangea. Over weeks, the flower is changing to green, the same color as the leaf which is far less attractive.
I was told the soil ph has something to do with the flower color, but I have not change the pot soil?
I am planning to plant it in the yard, and don't do what to do to bring the bluish/purple flower back.
Thank you so much for your advise.


Hennepin County Minnesota

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Hydrangea flowers change color as they age. The flowers are often green when they emerge, develop the color (white, pink, blue, etc.) typical of the cultivar, and then become green again. The flowers of some cultivars such as "Limelight" retain a greenish hue throughout.

If soil conditions are suitable, your plant's flowers will be bluish/purplish when it flowers again. Some cultivars bear blue flowers in acidic soil and pink flower in soil that is more alkaline. Purple may be a color phase between the two.